Salon owner denies lockdown breaches after council issues notice

Solea Beauty Solutions hair and nail salon in Norwich Road

Solea Beauty Solutions was handed a prohibition notice this week for alleged lockdown breaches - Credit: Archant

An Ipswich beauty salon has been handed a prohibition notice by the council following alleged breaches of lockdown regulations.

Solea Beauty Salon was handed the notice by Ipswich Borough Council on Monday, February 1, after council workers received evidence that the shop was continuing to trade despite the national lockdown.

The salon's owner disputes the claims, however, and said she is making attempts to resolve the issue with the council.

The salon, in Norwich Road, offers nail, eyelash, make-up and hair services, all of which are banned by law under "close-contact services" until the lockdown is lifted.

No fine has been issued as part of the notice, which instead instructs the business to close under the threat of further action.

A council spokesman said the authority prefers to help businesses understand the law rather than follow enforcement routes.

However, the spokesman added the council will act should businesses breach regulations – which include prosecutions.

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The spokesman said: "Ipswich Borough Council continues working to ensure that the lockdown regulations remain fully in-force.

"Nearly all the Ipswich businesses are following the rules and so making us all safer.

"We would much rather work to help businesses to follow the law but we will issue prohibition notices and fixed penalty fines if there are breaches.

"This obliges this retailer to close for the rest of lockdown. In continuing to offer treatments, the salon was not complying with the regulations that require close-contact service to cease during lockdown."

The salon's owner, Erika Nikitiuk, said she was "shocked" to receive the notice, and believes the issue could have happened due to a misunderstanding over her level of English, which is her second language.

Ms Nikitiuk said: "I am not taking on any appointments while we are closed during lockdown.

"I am instead taking appointments which are placed on a waiting list for after lockdown ends."

She is now appealing to the council to have the notice withdrawn.

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