Ex-stuntman starts business renting Winnebago to celebrities

The three members of Scouting For Girls outside the Winnebago

Band Scouting For Girls have also used the motorhome provided by A Class RV - Credit: Nik Soar

A former stuntman from Ipswich has set up a new business, renting a huge motorhome to celebrities. 

The Winnebago Coachmen Santara offered by A Class RV Solutions is the size of a coach - you need an HGV licence to drive it - but is used by singers, actors and those working on film sets as a green room or artist's trailer. 

Ex-stunt performer Nik Soar first got the idea after seeing motorhomes used in this way when he was performing stunts.

Nik Soar on a motorbike jumping across a Coca-Cola truck

Nik was formerly a stunt performer and got the idea for his business working on film sets - Credit: Nik Soar

He said: "I've always loved motorhomes in general but wanted to run this one as a business. 

"It took me a while to be able to afford this, it's been years and years since I first discovered the idea, but having come back from living abroad I'm hoping this picks up so I can do it full-time." 

Mr Soar drives an ambulance for work and says it's a "struggle" to maintain the motor home in his free time - but it will be worth it when he's able to break into the existing market. 

He added: "I've had it for three years now. 

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"The first year I wanted to strip out the inside and make it more modern, and then the second year Covid kicked in and that felt like bad timing - but worked out for us, in a way.

"We got a load of bookings from Katherine Jenkins, who was our first celebrity booking. She wanted her own private space because of Covid. 

"And we worked on the film set in Ipswich with Ray Winstone last year."

Couches and kitchen areas have been fitted inside the motorhome to make it comfortable

Interior of the motorhome, which can be used as a space for singers or people on film sets to relax - Credit: Nik Soar

The motorhome has also been on Channel 4's The Perfect Pitch and is set to make a second appearance in the new series. 

Speaking about the support he's been given, Nik said: "My partner Harriet is the brains of the business - officially, too, she beat three of the chasers on The Chase last year and won 30K. 

"And we've worked out strong partnerships with businesses like Tanya batteries. 

"But one of the things with this kind of work is that it's a closed shop. It's hard to break into; I have to chase work but also wait for people to find me.

"That's why ideally I'm going to add a mobile bar, so I can take it around and take my business further."

The exterior of the Coachmen Santara, a motorhome the size of a coach

The Winnebago is the size of a coach and Nik says it turns heads on campsites and sets - Credit: Nik Soar

The Coachmen Santara is a 8100cc engine, which Nik said "always scares" people, "especially with fuel costs", but it certainly turns heads. 

"It's such a huge monstrosity that you always get stages of reactions. People start unimpressed because it's so big, then they hope you bump into something as you back into your camping pitch, but they always end up wanting to take a look inside."