Waterfront residents bid to block Brewdog opening new Ipswich bar

File photo dated 19/09/20 of a Brewdog bar in Sheffield, South Yorkhire. The Advertising Standards A

Brewdog has applied for a liquor licence at its first location in Suffolk on Ipswich's Waterfront - Credit: PA

Waterfront residents in Ipswich have registered their objections over plans from Scottish brewer Brewdog to open a bar close to their homes.

The craft pub business has applied for an alcohol licence for the  Unit 7 site on Albion Wharf with plans to open from 10am until 12.30am on weeknights and and until 1.30am on Friday and Saturday.

In its application to Ipswich Borough Council, Bredog, which employs 1,600 people globally, aims to create a two-floor bar with an upstairs terrace overlooking the bar below. There would also be some outdoor seating along the Waterfront.  

Brewdog site

Brewdog hopes to open on Albion Wharf on the site of the former La Tour Cycle Cafe. - Credit: Paul Geater

This has drawn concern from those living in the Winerack apartments nearby, including Anthony Ashley and Felice Satalino, who said the application "must be stopped" or opening hours limited to 10pm. 

The married couple added: "The Waterfront does not need more drinking establishments as they are totally disruptive to the residents and not something that will add to the wonderful waterfront environment."

Psychologist Kate Garland who lives at Quayside, The Mill, and 14 other neighbours said that the "noise and disturbance" could harm their "mental health and well-being". 

She said: "Disturbed sleep is a key factor in poor mental health, as is stress caused by disturbances, damage, graffiti, and mess to our property and our immediate environs." 

Jacquelyn Best, at the Winerack apartments, said if concerns over noise and disturbance were addressed then "Brewdog would be a welcome addition to the Waterfront". 

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Suffolk police also called for amendments and outlined the additional measures they wanted to add to the licence. 

Officers want a CCTV system storing video for 30 days, Security Industry Authority staff for the door from 9pm, participation in the Pubwatch scheme operating in Ipswich, a dispersal policy agreed with Suffolk Constabulary, recorded music and live music not played outside at any time and a limit of  takeaway alcohol strength at 6.5% ABV.

IBC noted in its report that the application is likely to be "refused" if Brewdog cannot explain how it is to mitigate licensing issues. 

A similar plan at nearby Key Street for a new bar and restaurant called the Oasis Lounge was rejected in June by the borough council

Brewdog has been approached for a comment.