Are you an aspiring reporter? We could have the job for you

Today we are asking you to support the work of the Ipswich Star Picture: ARCHANT

Today we are asking you to support the work of the Ipswich Star Picture: ARCHANT - Credit: DAVID GARRAD

The pandemic has made us all look at the paths we took in life and question whether we made the right choices.

Months of enforced isolation has given us time to take stock of our lives and look at what is actually important, what makes us happy and what we want to change.

For some that has been starting a new business and others relocating to a more rural area now they can work from home.

Natalie Sadler Picture: CHARLOTTE BOND

Natalie Sadler has been named the new Editor of the Ipswich Star - Credit: Charlotte Bond

If the pandemic has made you reconsider your career choice, and left you wishing you had followed a more creative route that would allow you to meet new people every day, use your writing talents to engage readers and delve into the issues which impact your community then our team at Archant Suffolk could help.

We are looking for someone keen to get into media industry - be it someone who has not had the opportunity to study journalism, or someone who is looking for a new vocation.

The ideal candidate will be sociable, possess good communication skills - both written and oral - and have a passion for local news.

We have a vacancy in our busy Ipswich newsroom for someone who knows and loves Ipswich and the rest of Suffolk, and wants to learn about political reporting, court coverage, and community news.

We pride ourselves on being the voice of Ipswich, championing the cause of those who need our support and holding those in power to account, ensuring they provide the very best service to the people of this town.

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We are looking for someone who has a good understanding of social media and how that can help us interact with readers, as well as traditional networking skills that will help you understand the issues that matter to our audience.

You must have a desire to work in a fast-paced environment where we juggle multiple deadlines throughout the day to ensure our readers are given the latest news whether they are reading our traditional print products, or reading online, via social or on an app.

If you think this could be you email me with your story.