Junkyard Market could return to Ipswich on a regular basis

Junkyard Market will host a number of street food stalls in Ipswich next week. Picture: Junior @DN.I

Organisers at the Junkyard Market hope to make the street food experience a more permanent addition to Ipswich - Credit: Junior @DN.IMAGERY

Organisers behind Ipswich's Junkyard Market said they are considering making the venue a more permanent addition to the town after receiving positive feedback from customers.

Callum McCormick, head of growth at organisers AfterDark Promotions, said feedback from customers and recent praise from Ipswich Borough Council have led the company to consider bringing the market to Ipswich several times a year.

The praise from the council comes after the market's response to a video from its opening weekend, which showed coronavirus restrictions being ignored by a small number of guests.

The business is set to receive a certificate in recognition of its efforts in making the Grafton Way venue safer since, which have included the addition of more security staff and enhanced staff training.

The Merry Bucket from The Bucket List who will be at Junkyard Market Ipswich Picture: Adele Boon

The market hosts street food vendors from across the country - Credit: Archant

Mr McCormick said: "When we first saw the video we took it very seriously and bolstered up on the strict measures we already had in place. 

"From the outset we have wanted to make an environment where people can enjoy good food and feel safe. We have upped our security to make sure people feel as safe as possible.

"Everyone who has come has said good things about the food and that they feel safe. We have a good system in place that allows our so-called 'food police' to challenge anyone who is breaking rules regarding drinking alcohol without a meal.

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"Since the video was posted we've had people messaging us begging us not to give up on Ipswich and to help give some life back to the town."

An open-air street market, called Junkyard Market, is coming to Ipswich in December. Picture: JUNKYA

It is hoped the market will become a seasonal addition to the town, similar to its Norwich model - Credit: JUNKYARD MARKET

Mr McCormick added he and fellow organisers have also enjoyed helping local charities throughout the month as part of the market's ethos.

He said: "It has also been great helping local charities such as FIND (Families in Need) and working with Nigel Seaman from Combat2Coffee.

"We are going to look for a more permanent place in Ipswich, similar to our Norwich model, and create a space when Covid is a thing of the past for people to come together again and enjoy great food."

Organisers have also set their sights on bringing the market to Colchester, where it is hoped its previous successes will be emulated.

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