Suffolk's German braumeister 'thrilled' at double beer award glory

Krafty Braumeister, German beers made in Suffolk by Uli Schiefelbein, craft brewer in Leiston. Pictu

Uli Schiefelbein, Leiston's Krafty Braumeister, has won two awards for his beer - Credit: Krafty Braumeister

A Suffolk brewer is "thrilled" after his traditional German beers were given awards at this year's London Beer Competition.

Cologne-born brewer Uli Schiefelbein, who runs his Krafty Braumeister brewery in Leiston, won two silver awards at this year's competition – among the most prestigious awards in the beer industry.

His beers, which he began brewing in 2018, follow the Reinheitsgebot, a German purity law for brewing in place since the middle ages.

Uli Schiefelbein from The Krafty Braumeister Picture: CHARLOTTE BOND

Uli selling his beers at a Christmas market in Ipswich - Credit: Charlotte Bond

His first winning beer, Hoppediz, is a Düsseldorf-style altbier – the fierce rival beer style to his native Cologne – which judges enjoyed for its caramel and biscuit aromas.

It gets its name from a popular jester of the same name, who opens the city's annual carnival period in spring.

The second beer, Schwartz & Weiss, is a traditional Bavarian dunkelwizen, or dark wheat beer, which combines the best of a hefewizen with the malty richness of a Munich dunkel.

Speaking after receiving the awards, Mr Schiefelbein said he is pleased his hard work is being recognised nationally.

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He said: “I am so thrilled that the judges recognised the quality of our purely handcrafted, artisanal beers among all the big players in the brewing world.

"It is hard work to get recognised in this highly competitive industry.

"These two medals give me and everyone at The Krafty Braumeister a huge boost to continue what we started three years ago: refreshing beers without supplements, just like the good old days.”

Mr Schiefelbein, who moved to Suffolk after meeting his wife Auriol while working in Baghdad, said his beers get their characteristic flavours through his special brewing processes.

Wild Suffolk hops ready for brewing in Leiston by the Krafty Braumeister. Picture: KRAFTY BRAUMEISTE

Wild Suffolk hops ready for brewing in Leiston by the Krafty Braumeister - Credit: Krafty Braumeister

His malts are freshly ground on brewing day to help improve the flavour, while step-infusion is used to prolong the brewing process and ensures sugars within the grains are infused into the beer.

No chemicals are added to speed up the fermentation process and fresh yeast and unfermented wort is added into the fermenting vessel – known as "krausening" – which adds a refreshing fizziness to every sip.

More of Mr Schiefelbein's beers, which include a golden ale and a Munich-style helles, are available on his website.