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The new Limelight Club in Falcon Street, Ipswich is preparing to open
Trevor Hollinsworth with c

The new Limelight Club in Falcon Street, Ipswich is preparing to open Trevor Hollinsworth with colleagues Dean Gorno and Ben Goble, inside and in front of the club. - Credit: Archant

Another new club opening in Ipswich

The Ipswich night club scene is an ever-changing one.

What was Betty’s for a decade has changed ownership and re-opened after a revamp as KC’s Bar and Club.

The Rep in Tower Street has been re-launched after a major makeover and investment by owners Greene King as well.

Now a former club in Falcon Street, in the heart of town, is being transformed into a new venue, Limelight.

I was surprised when I stepped inside at the transformation which is taking place.

The warehouse building is something of a TARDIS, inside there are four floors of space including a main auditorium, now with a stage and a chandelier hanging above the dance floor.

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There is loads of polished wood, stainless steel and glass fittings within the historic building.

Limelight is being run by Trevor Hollinsworth, Dean Gorno and Ben Goble, on behalf of its owner, three guys with very different musical backgrounds.

Trevor Hollinsworth, who previously ran Fire & Ice and Ollie’s in Ipswich, said: “The club is owned by David Bates who has a firm plan for the venue.

“He wanted to bring something that Ipswich lacked at the moment. He recognised there is limited choice in the town and felt there was the opportunity there to bring a bit of quality to the night life.

“The owner, David Bates and I found we have a common goal. We are aiming to give the public a bigger and better choice of entertainment.

“We are not primarily a live music venue. We are a late night bar with music and dancing.

“We are employing top line DJ’s for Friday and Saturday nights.

The three amigos represent three different musical eras, said Trevor.

Ben Goble,22, is a singer/songwriter who was a Choral Scholar at King’s College, Cambridge.

Dean Gorno, from Swansea, was in the band Friends Electric for nine years.

The professional outfit had a great deal of success and even supported Prince and Blondie.

“We supported Blondie at Somerset House in front of 2,500 people,” he said.

Trevor Hollinsworth also had musical success and his bands included Undercover and Affidavit, which signed to Bill Wyman’s Ripple Records.

He said: “We are opening the club the weekend of November 29 and 30 and will be initially open weekends. Then we will be adding in special live music nights and other events. will be coming later.

“We are looking foward to performing together eventually.

“I play piano, guitar and do vocals. Dean is desperate to play the drums and Ben plays piano and sax.”

Limelight, 3-5 Falcon Street, Ipswich.

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