More people support replacing power stations

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Growing support for nuclear industry

The nuclear industry has reported increasing support from the public for the building of new nuclear power stations.

A survey of 2,000 people for the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) found that 45% backed replacing existing power plants with nuclear sites, with 20% against.

Support has grown by 10% in the past decade, the NIA reported at a conference in London.

Around two thirds of those in favour of nuclear said it would ensure the UK was more self-sufficient and reduce reliance on gas and coal.

NIA chief executive Keith Parker said:

“The UK is on the cusp of a major programme of nuclear new build and the industry has to make sure that people trust and understand the sector. The UK is in the unique position of having cross-party support for building new nuclear power stations to replace current plants which are due to retire, as well as strong public support.

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“We often talk about the positive impact building new nuclear capacity will have on jobs and businesses, but if we don’t build new nuclear power there will be a much bigger issue.

“The country will lose almost a fifth of its generating capacity, CO2 emissions will rise, and the country would become more dependent on imported energy, something which concerns a large number of people.

“Furthermore, the results are clear that industry and Government need to engage openly and build greater understanding about what radioactive waste is.”

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