Specialist cleaning company for difficult to reach places

Claire and Bill Percy, directors of new Ipswich-based specialist cleaning business EnviroPure

Claire and Bill Percy, directors of new Ipswich-based specialist cleaning business EnviroPure Picture: DAVID VINCENT - Credit: Archant

A new service specialising in the management of infection control has been launched in Ipswich.

EnviroPure is an innovative company looking to change the way infection control is managed and delivered across the region.

It is a new start-up, aiming to work within the health and care services, and wider industry.

EnviroPure’s touchless whole room fogging service uses an NHS approved environmentally friendly disinfectant which produces a dry mist of 5% hydrogen peroxide and silver, which does not condense or corrode.

For directors Claire and Bill Percy, this new venture follows successful careers in healthcare and social care which led to them being awarded a rare ‘Outstanding’ rating from the Care Quality Commission, for their previous business.

The married couple sold that business and were looking for a change of direction.

After moving to Ipswich, they wanted to start and grow a new business.

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Mr Percy said; “We knew Suffolk well, and we could have moved anywhere in the country

“I had worked here before and we came here for holidays.”

Mrs Percy said:”We had been visiting Suffolk for a number of years.

“Ipswich seems a quite a vibrant business area and it seems like a good place and base for us to work from, and to build up something new.

“We had our own home care business, which we sold.

“We hope this will develop and become a successful business. Our previous business employed 60 people in North Hampshire.

“We were really proud of it.

“We want train people and create new jobs here, as the business grows.

“Infection control is a very important area for hospitals, and for other places too.

“EnviroPure’s service is certificated so our clients can clearly demonstrate to those who use and visit their services, their commitment to proactively managing infection control. Also, downtime is minimal, as is the preparation needed before we disinfect an area.”

Mr Percy added: “We know the process has been widely proven in healthcare, but with growing interest in infection control, we’re offering our service to additional sectors such as education, hospitality, marine, veterinary, nursing and care homes, amongst others.”

With traditional manual cleaning not reaching into impossible to reach corners, and with harmful organisms (such as those that cause vomiting) being difficult to kill, EnviroPure’s process achieves up to a 99.9999% kill rate regardless of the room’s configuration, he said.

There was a wide range of potential clients, he added, from health services and hospitals, to care homes, veterinary services and industry.

For information visit www.enviropure.co.uk/faqs

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