Poll: Would Aldi be a welcome addition to Martlesham Heath? Would it tempt you away from Tesco?

The Aldi store in Bury St Edmunds opened in 2013

The Aldi store in Bury St Edmunds opened in 2013 - Credit: Archant

Readers have been reacting to news that Aldi could be opening at Martlesham Heath, with some predicting the chain could move into the former Seapets centre.

Yesterday we revealed that the discount supermarket chain has confirmed they are considering Martlesham Heath “as an area of interest”.

But would the cut-price store be a welcome addition? Would it tempt you away from M&S Simply Food and Tesco, or even Waitrose?

Web commenter Sentinel Red said: “Aldi is great - shopping there makes you realise how overpriced Tesco is. Cheese is a classic example. A big block of British produced cheese in Aldi is about £2.50. In Tesco, even on special offer its about £3, and they make out like this is a good deal because when its not on special offer it’s £4. Or how about 2 for £6, because OMG that is SUCH a good deal right. It’s no wonder that Tesco’s profits are falling....people are wising up.”

Jason Banham agreed and said: “I shop now at Aldi - good food and excellent prices - shopping bill per week almost halved.”

And Julie Waring Simmonds said: “We used to shop at Asda till one month we tried Aldi and have never looked back. I hate going to main supermarkets now, you look at their prices and see now after shopping at Aldi how expensive they are. We save about £50 a month, you can’t argue with that for a saving.”

Not everyone has been won over by the new breed of budget supermarkets and one web commenter said: “I hate Aldi and Lidl, with their restricted range and gimmicky offers, stick with Tesco anyday!”

Facebook user Catherine Chatfield doesn’t think the store will get the go-ahead after a bid to open at McDonald’s in the area was turned down.

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And another web commenter added: “Well they will probably be opening up in the pet store there. They better do something about the access to the site though as it is horrendous at the moment, let alone when another supermarket opens up.”

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