'Intrusive scar on the landscape' - Concerns over quarry project near Ipswich

The proposed quarry project would cover 35 acres on the south side of the A12 between Copdock and Belstead.

The proposed quarry project would cover 35 acres on the south side of the A12 between Copdock and Belstead. - Credit: Google Maps

People in Copdock have raised concerns about a proposed 15-year quarry project near Ipswich, calling it “an intrusive scar on the landscape".

Brockley Wood Ventures are proposing to build a new sand and gravel quarry at Brockley Wood, Belstead. 

The 35-acre site between Copdock and Belstead was allocated for mineral extraction in the Suffolk County Council Minerals and Waste Local Plan 2020.  

Brockley Wood Ventures  said that the 15-year development “will involve progressive restoration of the site to agricultural use with extensive new landscaping of woodland areas and hedgerows to help screen the site and enhance the natural habitat in the long-term.” 

However, residents are fearful over what this proposed project will mean for their local flora and fauna. 

Local resident Natasha Carrington said: “There are badgers and foxes that live in these woods, all of which will be displaced with the disturbance of such an intrusive scar on the landscape. 

“Skylarks nest in the surrounding fields, and nightingales also nest in the hedgerows in several locations.  

“I have also seen there is a healthy population of grass snakes and adders in this area which would be at risk.” 

Natasha runs her own dog-walking business. She continued: “As a self-employed business owner, I work in this and the other woodlands and fields in the local area all year round, in all weathers.  

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“I would be truly gutted to see all of this disappear."

Other residents are concerned about the increased volume of traffic, and the potential for surrounding roads being used as a rat run. 

One resident said: “I feel there should be a ban on the lorries taking a shortcut through Swan Hill [road adjacent to the A12], this will clearly happen if the A12 is backed up.” 

Michael Carpenter, of Old London Road, said he was “very concerned” at the possibility of the road outside his house being used by a high volume of lorries. This was worrying, he said, “considering we have young children walking to school and trying to sleep at night.  

“It will have a very detrimental effect on the village and residents," he argued