Road accident claims – dispelling the myths

Tom Ranson of Ashton KCJ

Tom Ranson of Ashton KCJ - Credit: Archant

Legally Speaking with Tom Ranson of Ashton KCJ

Injury lawyers generally receive bad press because they are all tarred with the same brush.

The reality is very different as Tom Ranson, a Personal Injury Solicitor at local law firm Ashton KCJ explains.

Myth 1 – All injury lawyers are ‘ambulance chasers’

Wrong. Injury law is designed to put people back as closely as possible to the position they were in before they were injured.

Reputable lawyers will not pursue claims on behalf of people who haven’t genuinely suffered injury as a result of a traffic accident, but they will fight hard to ensure that insurers do compensate properly those who have. If you think you are being encouraged to accept a settlement that is too low, get a second opinion.

Myth 2 – You have to use the lawyer specified on your car or household insurance policy

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Wrong. You can use whoever you like and it is generally better to seek the advice of a lawyer who will see you face to face as this will help to ensure they fully understand your injuries and the impact these are having on your life.

Myth 3 – ‘No win, no fee’ is no longer available

Wrong. Most lawyers who do personal injury work still offer a ‘no win, no fee’ option, recognising that when people have been injured and may be unable to work the last thing they need is legal bills. On the same basis, most offer a free, no obligation initial chat or appointment.

What changed in April this year was the fact that more lawyers now need to deduct a fee from their clients’ compensation settlements if the case is successful, because they cannot get all their costs paid by the insurers’ solicitors. If a case isn’t successful, you still pay nothing.

Myth 4 – A personal injury claim is just about the money

In many cases a personal injury claim is just as much about getting the right treatment or rehabilitation as it is about the cash. Wherever possible, a good lawyer will try to get an interim payment from an insurer to help fund additional private treatment to speed up your recovery rather than relying solely on the NHS or leaving you to suffer.

Ashton KCJ Solicitors has consistently received top tier ratings for injury work in independent guides to the legal profession for many years. To discuss a possible claim with us, please email or call on: 01473 232425.

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