Romance in the air at Arlingtons Brasserie in Ipswich


Arlingtons - Credit: Contributed

Romance in the air at Arlingtons

Simon Bridge

Simon Bridge - Credit: Archant

The Musuem Street restaurant - in the former dance hall, and restored Victorian museum building, also hosts an increasing range of events, clubs and activities.

Back in Victorian times, it was not only the original museum in the town but was also a venue for lively debates and speakers about scientific developments and morality.

Apparently it got pretty raucous at times as frank views were exchanged.

Arlingtons is also an art gallery - offering free hanging space.

Owner Liz Ambler said: “It is good for everybody. It is free for the artists and this is the second exhibition.

“It is nice for the artists. We had one before Christmas and 50% of the works were sold.

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“So everybody benefits.

“This is a lovely building and we want to it be used to the full. We are always trying to do something different and interesting here.”

There were plenty of romances that started here over the years in the days when it was a dance hall, over a waltz or jive.

More recently they have been some dance-themed dinners and events at Arlingtons too.

So there is a great deal more than fine dining going on within the building.

A number of social clubs informal groups also meet here from time to time.

This current Art at Arlingtons exhibition features works by Valerie Armstrong, Ed Cooper, Dale Devereaux-Barker, Annabel Mednick and many more.

The next of the regular wine tastings takes place on February 25 and the free Cafe Scientifique monthly lecture series, on February 23 is about the life and works of Alfred Russel Wallace (1824-19130, the explorer, evolutionist and political activist.

The lecture is presented by Ted Benton, professor in the sociology department at Essex University, who has a special interest in environmental issues.

For those interested in Shakespeare’s romances there is also something special on the way.

Appropriately, with it so so close to St Valentine’s Day, a special event is also being planned in the programme - Shakespeare in Love, on Saturday February 28.

Simon Bridge, of the Globe Theatre, London will present an entertainment with lots of audience participation, humour and reflection.

The evening includes an aptly romantic period dinner.

Advance tickets costs £20.