Boss invests in 'tenacious young workers'

Dan Mumford, Neve Pryke, Mollie Mason and Sam Blewitt of Rubix M&E Picture: RUBIX M&E

Dan Mumford, Neve Pryke, Mollie Mason and Sam Blewitt of Rubix M&E Picture: RUBIX M&E - Credit: Rubix M&E

An Ipswich business owner says he is "full of optimism" about the future after taking on new apprentices.

Milo Williams of mechanical and electrical recruitment firm Rubix M & E, has welcomed Dan Mumford, Neve Pryke, Mollie Mason and Sam Blewitt to the firm he founded five years ago.

By the end of March, the company will have half a dozen employees on its learning and development programme and he is confident it will continue to flourish in spite of the challenges of the coronavirus crisis.

Milo Williams, managing director of Rubix M & E

Milo Williams, managing director of Rubix M & E, who is optimistic about the future - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

“Despite the challenges thrown at us in 2020, we go into 2021 full of optimism, with a team that is full of energy and hungry for success," he said.

“I am a strong advocate of apprenticeship and learning and development schemes, of investing in tenacious, young workers. To put it simply, I see them as the future of Rubix M&E,” he said.

“I look back to my early days and the choices I made. I had loads of drive and was really keen to get a job and start making money. Although I didn’t have a formal apprenticeship, I did go straight to work from school and the company I worked for invested time in me, shaping the person I am today.

“Now I’m in a position to be able to give something back, to be able to do something similar for the young people we take on. 

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“We can build a hard-working, loyal team which is hungry for success. It’s hard work, but it’s well worth it.”

At the end of a 15-month programme, the apprentices will gain either an NVQ Level 2 in Recruitment Resourcing and a Certificate in the Principles of Recruitment Resourcing or an NVQ Level 3 in Recruitment Consulting and Certificate in the Principles of Recruitment Practice. 

“Our team is young, willing to learn and will continue to learn  as they progress through the process. This in turn leads to greater confidence, which can only benefit the rest of our team," said Mr Williams.

“We already have proof of this within the company – two of our team completed a similar programme. Harry Brett is now accredited and trained in accounts and bookkeeping, and Mollie Mason has progressed since her learning programme and gained a CIPD in human resources.

“We are now looking for the next generation of hungry young stars who are looking for a fantastic opportunity in the recruitment sector, and a chance to make some serious money.”

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