Slime workshops have been a sell-out at Wild Raspberry Art Station

Wild Raspberry Art Station at Jimmy's Farm, Rebecca Bourne and Amanda Groom

Wild Raspberry Art Station at Jimmy's Farm, Rebecca Bourne and Amanda Groom - Credit: Archant

Business partners Rebecca Bourne and Amanda Groom are growing their arts and crafts business at Jimmy’s Farm, near Ipswich.

It already ranges from printmaking to decoupage and even facepainting and slime workshops.

Now they are sharing their passion for upcycling and reviving old furniture but introducing upcycling events and other craft workshops at the Wild Raspberry Art Station.

“We both come from a textiles background,” explained Rebecca, “And when we moved to Suffolk in 2004 I initially did textiles printing from home, and then from Mistley Station.”

Ten years ago she launched the Wild Raspberry Art Station and was joined by Amanda Groom soon after - a business partner she had more than a few things in common with.

They are both mothers of three children, with all six off spring now reaching adulthood.

Both women are originally from Lancashire and it turned out their families had run cotton mills, side by side, in the same street in Rochdale for generations. When Rebecca’s grandfather retired, the factories were amalgamated into one business.

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Turning their attentions back to the Suffolk enterprise at popular Jimmy’s Farm, Rebecca said: “We have been here for three-and-a-half years now and the business is growing and expanding.

“We have now got the opportunity to develop the business further, now that the children are older.”

She added: “Most of the craft activities we do are for children or families, including paint your own pottery, mosaic making, textile printing and decoupage.

“We do hair wrapping, henna and surprisingly business has rocketed this year with our sell-out slime workshops, run by Amanda (aka the Slime Whisperer). We will have a slime factory in the summer.”

Children - and adults - have been going mad over home-made slime, with YouTube videos on how to make the sticky, gooey, colourful substance gaining millions of views, their creators all claiming to have that secret ingredient to make the gloop to right consistency.

It is not all gruesome slime and children’s crafts.

“We are both passionate about recycling and upcycling,” added Amanda. “We have been approved as a Annie Sloan Chalk Paints supplier and we are planning workshops too.

“There will be `bring our own piece of furniture’ half days when people can use our paints, brushes and waxes.

“They might bring a bedside cabinet or other piece, and bring it back to life.

“Longer term the aim is to develop other workshops teaching different techniques. They will he in the autumn programme,”