Suffolk business is helping women around the world

Mother and daughter team ,Lina and Jenny Hogg, creators of Arya candles.

Mother and daughter team ,Lina and Jenny Hogg, creators of Arya candles. - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

This year has been a voyage of discovery for Suffolk mother-and-daughter team Lina and Jenny Hogg, in their new candle making business.

Mother and daughter team ,Lina and Jenny Hogg, creators of Arya candles.

Mother and daughter team ,Lina and Jenny Hogg, creators of Arya candles. - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

The business patners launched Arya Natural candles about two years ago, from their home near Otley, and it has grown gradually over time.

They produce natural soya candles, scented by essential oils, here in Suffolk.

They are proudly branded `Made in England’.

Lina, who is alrady well known in business in Suffolk for her established HR business, found there was a tremendous range of things to learn and discover to make, and sell a product.

New butterfly logo for Suffolk business

New butterfly logo for Suffolk business - Credit: Archant

Lina said: “We made progress in the last year and had a few set-backs.

“With any business you are going to get gradual progress and some set-backs, and that is what makes it interesting. It is impotant that you are able to learn from what you are doing.”

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Jenny and Lina have developed their range of scented candles.

There were three special summer aromas, and another three developed for the autumn.

Especially popular for Christmas have been three special gifts; scented with Siberian Fir, Orange and Clove, and with May Chang, Geranium and Rosewood and also Neroli, Ylang Ylang and Lime.

Jenny said they had learned so much over the two years, “We have done development work in that time, Exploring how you make the candles, and looking at essential oils, selection and blending. There are many therapeutic benefits you get from blended oils.”

In addition to making their own product they have had to explore and develop into other areas, the marketing and publicity, finding suppliers and looking for retailers,

They are very pleased with Arya’s new butterfly logo - developed for them by Minima Designs from Framlingham, which links to the ethical aims they have incorporated in their fledgling business - helping women in trouble around the world.

Look carefully and you will see the logo is a butterfly, but there is also a women’s silhouette.

Lina said: “The butterfly refers to making a difference, a ripple if you like.

“Every single candle sold starts a ripple which will have an effect with women and their children. If you help women you help develop communities and their nations.”

Arya candles provide funds for Women for Women international, which supports and helps women and makes a powerful impact on their lives in war-torn countries such as Nigerai, Rwanda and Afghanistan.

Lina added: “Women in war torn areas need physical and psycological help, particularly in areas like that,to get on with their lives. So there is a purposed behind the business.”

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