Ipswich hairdressers booked up for weeks after lockdown easing

Simon Blowers

Simon Blowers, manager and owner of Baiss & Co - Credit: Katy Sandalls

Hairdressers say they are booked up for weeks after coronavirus restrictions were eased on Monday under the government's roadmap out of lockdown.

Barbers saw long queues on Monday, with people eager to shorn long locks which have grown during the national shutdown.

Baiss and Co, in Ipswich, said some stylists are unavailable until May at the earliest, such is the high level of demand. 

"It's so exciting," said Baiss and Co financial director Martyn Rouse. 

"The staff are so excited.

"We are very busy for this week and the next six weeks.

"It's going to be a busy few weeks. It's like Christmas." 

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Despite being so busy, Mr Rouse said it was great to see customers coming back to the salon. 

"It's just nice seeing customers," said Mr Rouse. 

"We phoned customers four weeks ago to get them booked in. 

"They were incredibly appreciative."

Manager and owner of Baiss and Co, Simon Blowers, even put up bunting to welcome clients back.

Baiss and Co in Ipswich has put up bunting to welcome clients back

Baiss and Co in Ipswich has put up bunting to welcome clients back - Credit: Simon Blowers

Mr Rouse said it was important not to underestimate the impact that having your hair cut would have on people. 

"Sometimes we take for granted the impact of how people feel good when they walk out," said Mr Rouse. 

"It feels like the first step to normality."

Mr Rouse said that the input of grants and schemes run by the government to help businesses had been really valuable during the past year. 

"I think the government have been as helpful as possible," said Mr Rouse. 

With the last 12 months behind them, he said it was now a case of just getting on helping their clients. 

"We are here and open for business," said Mr Rouse. 

"We just want to get on with it. It's been tough the last 12 months."

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