Teapot Project finds temporary home in Upper Orwell Street, Ipswich, but still needs support

The Teapot at McGinty's Ipswich. Pay-what-you-feel cafe run by Mischa Pearson and voulnteers.

The Teapot at McGinty's Ipswich. Pay-what-you-feel cafe run by Mischa Pearson and voulnteers. Pictured Sarah Sharlott, Kath Gosling, Mischa Pearson, Adam Ferguson, Anna Engstrom

A pay-what-you-feel cafe in Ipswich that was delivered a blow when it was left without a base in May has relocated to a temporary space – but still needs help to secure its long-term future.

The award winning Teapot Project has formed links with local firms to use unwanted food that is still usable but unable to be sold, and runs a pay-what-you-feel cafe to support homeless and vulnerable people in the town.

The project had been based in an unused storeroom at PJ McGinty’s in Northgate Street for six months up to the end of May, but was given three weeks notice to find a new space after the McGinty’s management announced new plans for the site.

Now, the cafe has a temporary home in a Co-op owned unit in Upper Orwell Street, on a five month lease.

Founder Mischa Pearson said: “We’re really keen to return to what we do best, feeding bellies, not bins, so please keep supporting the project whilst we find our feet.

“Many vulnerable people of Ipswich rely on our work and are deeply grateful to those who make it possible.”

Volunteers are currently overhauling the space and hope to open the cafe soon, but in the meantime still need furniture donations and financial support in order to continue. An online fundraising page has been set up, and the Teapot’s founders are investigating lottery and other funding opportunities to help find a permanent space to secure its future.

Anyone who is able to donate money, food or furniture can visit www.theteapotproject.com or the cafe’s crowdfunding page at www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-teapot-project-made-homeless--2#/

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