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Richard Foyster, of Ashton KCJ

Richard Foyster, of Ashton KCJ - Credit: Archant

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Many people think that if they are injured in a road traffic collision they have to use their motor insurer’s suggested panel solicitors in order to bring a personal injury claim for compensation.

This is not the case.

Last year Richard Foyster, a personal injury specialist at Ashton KCJ Solicitors, took on the claim of Mr E – a local man who had suffered nasty injuries in a moped accident that was not his fault.

Mr E approached Richard because he was not happy with the service that he was receiving from the panel solicitors.

As they were based in Bristol he had no chance of meeting with them face to face to discuss his concerns.

The panel solicitors had advised him that the claim was worth between £5,000 and £10,000, and that the initial medical evidence (which Mr E thought was wrong) would need to be disclosed to the insurers.

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Richard arranged for a medical report to be produced by a different, much more thorough, medical expert. He also obtained crucial additional evidence that the panel solicitors had not thought to obtain. Last month Mr E was awarded more than £31,500 by way of compensation.

In another example, a settlement of £100,000 was secured for Ms S whose panel lawyers had advised her that a settlement figure of £14,000 would be reasonable.

The client, a 28 year old, suffered severe knee injuries and a minor head injury in a traffic collision. Her ongoing knee problems have been affecting her leisure activities as well as her mobility at work and she is likely to need a complete knee replacement before she is 50.

In our experience, panel solicitors who do not meet the client face to face, can often overlook their symptoms and the effect that these are having on their lives.

If you are using your insurers’ panel lawyers and would like a second opinion from experienced local solicitors who will happily meet you face to face for a free initial meeting, please contact us. The experiences of our clients clearly show the benefits of doing so.

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*This article is for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal or other professional advice. We would advise you to seek professional advice before acting on this information.

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