The future is bright for Ipswich if we work together

Principle of Suffolk New College Dave Muller. Photograph Simon Parker

Principle of Suffolk New College Dave Muller. Photograph Simon Parker - Credit: Archant

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Ipswich Cornhill.

Ipswich Cornhill. - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

After what felt like to many to be a very long General Election campaign, people in Ipswich were very encouraged that politicians from across the political spectrum have united to give a broad welcome to Ipswich Central’s proposals to transform the heart of Ipswich.

The plans are bold and exciting.

Businesses, stakeholders and partners have all agreed that the town centre of Ipswich needs a commonly agreed plan which everyone can work from to reinvigorate the town.

It is also good news that a summit meeting of councils and business organisations has been called by the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership to try to work together to bring some of the proposals in the document forward to become a reality.

Attracting new investment is key to ensuring Ipswich thrives. We need to provide major retailers with units that are fit for purpose and businesses with state of the art office space and improved town centre amenities and facilities for our community and visitors.

That is why it’s very encouraging that the £4million refurbishment of the Tower Ramparts centre, which will become Sailmakers later this year, is underway.

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A bright future for Ipswich means a bright future for Suffolk. When business men and women visit our town we want to encourage them to come back with their families at other times of the year. Therefore a positive experience of our county town and what it can offer is more important that ever.

The plans released show that ambition is there. We now need to build on this work, as partners, to finalise the vision and most importantly deliver on the vision.

Dave Muller


Ipswich Chamber of Commerce