What’s the reaction to the news of an adult shop opening on Felixstowe seafront?

The Waffle Shack in Felixstowe looks set to re-open as the Love Shack, an adult-themed store Pictur

The Waffle Shack in Felixstowe looks set to re-open as the Love Shack, an adult-themed store Picture: ALAN BOYLE/EVERYTHING FELIXSTOWE - Credit: ALAN BOYLE/EVERYTHING FELIXSTOWE

Residents have raised concerns after news spread that an adult-themed shop would be opening in Felixstowe seafront – with councillor Graham Newman arguing that a “sex shop has no place in the town”.

Previously Winnie's Cafe and most recently the Waffle Shack, the shop in Undercliffe Road West, closed down earlier this year after no longer being able to sell food due to a clause in its deed.

Leaseholder Peter Marjoram now hopes to reopen the store as the Love Shack - selling lingerie and costumes - as a last resort.

Read more: Could an adult shop be opening on Felixstowe seafront?Graham Newman, the conservative county councillor for Felixstowe Coastal, says he thinks the plan for an adult-themed shop is a "pretty poor show".

He said: "It's distressing to see that our lovely town could have something like this and this is something which has always been a great concern for me.

"Felixstowe has had so much money invested into it over the last few years to return it to its former glory, so a 'sex shop' has no place here."

Mr Newman, who volunteers at the town's tourist information beach hut, added: "You can order whatever you want on the Internet and that's fine, but with the speculation online of what's been going on at Felixstowe seafront this week we really don't want that kind of representation here."

He continued to explain that around 50% of Felixstowe's population are "over 50" and therefore they are not in the "right age-bracket" for an adult-theme shop.

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Many people have been sharing their views of the proposals online - with some saying "it's better than seeing it empty" and others saying that "it's wrong".

One person commented: "The Love Shack, right by the pier and leisure centre where kids come and go, is a big no from me to be honest."

Another added: "Right next door to a family restaurant and opposite a family swimming pool...So classy!"

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