The Saints go marching on

Cathy Frost, owner of Love One, is speaking up for the town.

Cathy Frost, owner of Love One, is speaking up for the town. - Credit: Su Anderson

It has been a great year for The Saints in Ipswich.

Cathy Frost, owner of Love One, is speaking up for the town.

Cathy Frost, owner of Love One, is speaking up for the town. - Credit: Su Anderson

Shopkeeper Cathy Frost, of Love One in St Peter’s Street, says there is a great feeling of optimism around The Saints area of town.

Cathy is a great champion of the town and the Saints area in particular.

She said: “I love Ipswich, where else would I want to live? I can walk everywhere, the theatres are great and there are enough restaurants to eat your way round the world.

“And shopping is improving.

“A lot of people really did shop local at Christma.

“I have been here seven years.Personally I have had the best Christmas I have every had, in terms of turnover.

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“Other people said it had been a good December too. There was a really upbeat feel about the place.

“People have talked down the town but it is improving.

“Here, in this street, we are sending out the same message we have for the same seven years, we have some very good independent businesses here, a good brand and a place to visit and shop.

“It is about all the business down here pulling together. In the last couple of years we have been awarded various pots of money in national schemes and we have used it to develop The Saints brand.

“The town needs more variety and choice. The independents contribute to that, but so does attracting more national brands. We need to do more of that.

“There seemed to be more money around at Christmas.

“There does seem to be a feeling of optimism going into the New Year and there are lots of exciting things happening in the town. The development of the Wine Rack and the new cinema in the Buttermarket will be great for the town.

“The new cinema will not only be good for the restaurants inside, but for the town centre’s night time economy.

“Other restaurants and publs like The Rep and Arlingtons and the Woolpack will benefit with more people right in the town centre at night.

“On the retail side we have to offer more choice, across the town.

“There has been a tangible improvement at the end of the year.

“I am quite optimistic about the town now.

“Things like the Vision for Ipswich are achievable.

“We are getting people coming into the town from a wider area, from Essex for example, who appreciate the qualities of the urban shopping experience.

“Sadly not everybody who lives here supports their own town.

“But that does seem to be changing. I feel it is going to be a great 2016.”

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