The stop the A14 Toll Tax campaign must succeed

Dave Muller of Suffolk New College, for EADT Business Awards 2013

Dave Muller of Suffolk New College, for EADT Business Awards 2013 - Credit: Archant

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It is not very often that when writing a business column an issue has the same, if not more resonance than the previous month’s column on the very same issue.

Well November is different and I make no apology for writing on the very same issue we shared with you in October.

There are very few issues that bring all business groups together with one unified voice.

There is no doubt that over the last few months, Government proposals to toll the A14 is one of those issues.

The argument from business is clear that tolling of the A14 will not work and it will be highly detrimental to the Suffolk economy.

That is why Suffolk Chamber has set up the ‘No Toll Tax on Suffolk’ campaign and that is why support grows for the campaign on a daily basis. There is a reason why every time you pick up a paper or turn on the radio or watch the local news you read, hear or see one business leader or another explaining the importance of the campaign.

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The reason is that tolling of the A14 is just plain wrong.

Here in Ipswich, the county town of Suffolk, a place which has an exciting and prosperous future, we have deep concerns about what a toll would do to economic investment.

The A14 is the main trunk route connecting Suffolk with the Midlands and the North. Unlike other regions with multiple access routes East Anglia has only two, the A14 to the west and the A12 to the south.

If businesses, small or large, want to come and invest in Ipswich in the future, and if the Government plans go ahead, then they will have to pay a tax.

The business community in Ipswich is working in partnership with colleagues from the private and public sector. That work is seeing improvements to key issues such as how we link up the Waterfront with the town centre, how we have road infrastructure the town desires and how we have a thriving ‘after work’ community where families can come and enjoy what we have to offer.

The view that a toll to come into Suffolk will have a major detrimental impact on these things is one that is growing.

That is why we again share our support of ‘No Toll Tax on Suffolk’ with you and why it is so important for Ipswich that that campaign is successful.

Dave Muller


Ipswich Chamber of Commerce

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