Ipswich endometriosis patient and novelist to do first book signing

Victoria Fenn first novel '12 Months to I Do' has been published by Pegasus Publishers

Victoria Fenn's first novel '12 Months to I Do' has been published by Pegasus Publishers - Credit: Victoria Fenn

An Ipswich novelist is doing her first book sign following her debut novel exploring her struggle with endometriosis.

Mum Victoria Fenn published '12 Months to I Do' through Pegasus Publishers earlier this year and will be signing the book during Independent Bookshop Week. 

The book mirrors her only struggles when trying for her baby with IVF while coping with endometriosis, an inflammatory disease where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus starts to grow on other organs. 

"The doctors wouldn't listen and I started to think it was in my head."

The 36-year-old has since had her "miracle baby boy", who is now 20-months-old and is receiving treatment for endometriosis.

Mrs Fenn is a "bit nervous" ahead of the book signing at Dial Lane Books in Ipswich on June 23 at 11am during Independent Bookshop Week June 19-26, and hopes people show up. 

A new independent book shop has opened in Ipswich, Dial Lane Books Picture: CHARLOTTE BOND

Dial Lane in Ipswich - Credit: Charlotte Bond

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