Wet Dock crossing investment is great news for Ipswich business

Dave Muller

Dave Muller - Credit: Archant

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Officials from Ipswich gather to celebrate the money for the new dock bridges.

Officials from Ipswich gather to celebrate the money for the new dock bridges. - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

It would be easy to look back at the 2016 Budget and, from a national media point of view, see an announcement from the Chancellor that is falling apart at the seams following Cabinet resignations in light of austerity measures.

The business community in Ipswich while of course interested to watch and hear these developments will be more focused and encouraged at key announcements that were made locally and which will make a real difference to our economy and its future success.

The decision by Government to invest in the Ipswich Wet Dock crossing is great news.

There has been so much hard work put into the campaign, led by Ben Gummer MP and supported by individuals, groups, local authorities and members of the business community. To hear that the work will go ahead and the difference it will make is something we should all take pride in.

Your local Chamber of Commerce also see it as an opportunity to share how important lobbying decision makers both locally and nationally is. It does make a difference. They do listen. We do get things done.

In the Budget the Chancellor announced an overhaul of business rates which can often cripple local business. That is something we have long campaigned on. Corporation tax will be reduced again and this is something our members have worked long and hard on. One of our sister towns, Lowestoft, has received funding for a third crossing which again came after long and dedicated work from the business community.

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Those who have worked hard should pat themselves on the back but at Ipswich Chamber we ask ‘what’s next?’

The business community locally knows it can’t afford to sit and relax.

Progress is achieved by moving onto the next issue, putting the same commitment into that and doing what we can do influence Budgets of the future not just those from last week.

Dave Muller


Ipswich Chamber of Commerce