Disney, sweets or shoes? Shoppers’ top choices to take over empty stores

One of the shops in Carr Street, Ipswich, with signs suggesting possible new uses. Picture: ARCHANT

One of the shops in Carr Street, Ipswich, with signs suggesting possible new uses. Picture: ARCHANT - Credit: Archant

Two empty shops in Carr Street, Ipswich, have adverts on their fronts suggesting possible uses. People have been commenting on what they would like to see here.

The shops, which are being marketed by Penn Commercial and LCP, have lists of possible uses for a new tenant - including florist, clothing, estate agent, pharmacy and many more.

Facebook users have suggested which types of business they would most like to see moving into the street.

A shoe shop is a popular idea which was backed by a number of commenters. Debbie Turner said: “A nice shoe shop, affordable shoes. We used to have loads!”

Glynis Littlejohn said: “A darn good shoe shop please. I so miss Jones.”

Sarah Perkins also suggested a shoe shop, but alternatively wanted to see Forbidden Planet or Gifted, a chain which sells unique and interesting gifts from around the world.

Another commenter, Jill Wright suggested: “A material shop like we once had here in Ipswich, Gordon Thoday.” Laurie Warner had a similar idea, calling for an old-fashioned haberdashery.

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A Disney store was another popular choice. Tracy Harding said: “A Disney store would be great for our town.”

And Tamisha Orton suggested: “Either Disney, Build a Bear or Zara.” But Gillian Thailing did not agree, commenting: “Disney stuff is so expensive.”

Monique Louise Baxter called for: “A decent clothes shop, as we have none of them in Ipswich.”

Ed Simmonds wanted a fishing shop, while David J Muddimer recalled a popular chain of poster shops from years gone by, saying: “Does anybody remember the Athena shop Ipswich used to have? One of those would be great.”

Will McGuire said: “A cheap ‘free from’ shop, for people with food intolerances and allergies. like me.”

Sweet shops were another popular idea. Sarah Markillie said: “An old-fashioned sweet shop, no more gyms or charity shops please.” And Lauren Goodrum wanted: “An old sweet shop selling all different types of sweets and chocolate.”

Several people liked the idea of one of the shops changing role to become a restaurant.

Susan Smith said: “A vegetarian restaurant would do well, We used to have Marnos.”

Stephen Preston said: “Might be a little ambitious, but how about a traditional English tea and homemade cake room? Colchester has a few.” Gloria Algar also wanted a “nice tea shop”.

Josh Collymore suggested a pie and mash restaurant, while Janine Gray wanted a Pizza Hut or a lovely family sit-in restaurant, and Sylvia Mitchell’s vote went to a fish and chip shop.

An old-fashioned ice cream parlour was Nicky Martin’s suggestion.

Dorinda Suttle wanted to see a dementia drop-in centre for information and light refreshments, or a knitting shop which would also run a “knit and natter” group.