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Dayle Bayliss

Dayle Bayliss - Credit: Archant

An economic crisis inevitably forces businesses to make cuts and usually this means making staff redundant. But in her column this week, Suffolk’s Young Business Person of the Year Dayle Bayliss reveals how a company can avoid reducing employee numbers by going green.

The tips in this feature are not going to solve the world’s pollution problems. Nor will they make you rich. But they can significantly lessen your impact on the environment and save you a significant sum.

A recent report found that businesses in the UK squander on average 10% to 20% of the power they buy. This can equate to tens of thousands of pounds every year.

You have got to admit, this is a criminal waste of money. But just a few simple changes can prevent you frittering away your energy supply.

Firstly when appliances are not being used, switch them off. A single computer and monitor left on 24 hours a day will cost over £50 a year. An office of 20 will cost £1,000.

Next, remember to switch your lights off in unoccupied areas or think about installing sensors to lighting in areas like toilets and corridors which are not in constant use. Replace bulbs with energy efficient ones.

With prices up to £25 per bulb, the received wisdom that LED lighting is too expensive seems deserved. But this low-energy lighting actually makes financial sense.

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Despite costing six times more than halogens, the payback for LEDs comes in 15 months or less – with hundreds of pounds saving every year afterwards.

You should also shop around for a new energy supplier. Some companies offer special rates for new customers which vastly reduce electricity bills.

Inefficient heating and cooling are often the prime reason for high energy bills so think about adding insulation and have them regularly checked and maintained to improve efficiency. Sometimes it helps to spend a little to save a lot.

My other top tip is to keep on top of building maintenance.

Buildings are, in many ways, similar to cars. Whether your office block is an old banger or a Lamborghini, it needs to be proactively maintained or you end up paying the price.

Keep an eye on cracks and crevices in brickwork, on dripping taps that are wasting water and on anything which is not working properly.

Emergencies happen but are costly. If you have the chance to step in and correct something before it becomes a major issue, it would be a wise investment.

Dayle Bayliss Design and Construction Consultants specialise in architectural design, building surveying and project management. For more information on their services visit their website at: or email

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