Cabbie denies sex assaults on women

A taxi driver is today fighting to clear his name over allegations he is a sex pest who sexually assaulted two passengers.

IPSWICH: A taxi driver is today fighting to clear his name over allegations he is a sex pest who sexually assaulted two passengers.

Gary Mills, of Ship Lane, Bramford, denied the charges of sexual assault when his trial began at Ipswich Crown Court yesterday.

Prosecutor Joanne Eley told the court the 49-year-old family man was working for Hawk Express in Ipswich when he went to pick up a fare to the railway station on April 24.

He arrived at the woman's home just before 1pm. She put her bags in the boot and got into Mills' car, sitting in the back with her dog on her lap.

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Mills very quickly became flirtatious, asking various questions about his passenger's life.

He then made suggestions to her, one of which included asking if she would give him a massage as he had previously told her he had a bad back.

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Miss Eley said he then reached towards her as if to stroke her dog, but touched her left knee and the inside of her leg. The woman immediately turned her legs away.

When Mills dropped his fare off at the railway station she felt uncomfortable again when he whispered in her ear that he would give her a telephone call.

In early May, Mills is then said to have made a number of suggestive telephone calls to the woman after getting her number through his employer.

One message Mills left on the woman's answerphone said his wife had “found out and knows everything” even though there was no relationship.

Miss Eley said the second allegation related to another female who got into Mills' taxi. Again the conversation became suggestive and the woman felt uncomfortable.

Mills then turned up uninvited at her home on two consecutive days. On the second occasion, on May 7, he is alleged to have put his hands under her shirt and said something like “we will have to keep this quiet”, before making a reference to going upstairs.

He then asked her to turn around. When he began to put his right hand in the area of her chest, she covered her left breast, but Mills is said to have put his hand over hers and squeezed it.

The court heard that before leaving Mills is said to have told the woman: “I hope I didn't frighten you.”

The trial continues.

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