Call for better playground

GIVE us more to play with!That is the cry from a group of parents whose children are fed up with their playground on Dumbarton Park and want more to do.

GIVE us more to play with!

That is the cry from a group of parents whose children are fed up with their playground on Dumbarton Park and want more to do.

Sam Jones from Renfrew Road on the Rushmere Estate said the children in the area are bored with the limited equipment they have in the playground.

Although the park is on the Ipswich Borough Council's list to get a facelift like that of Christchurch Park, she fears it could be sometime before the go-ahead is given.

Her two children Ashley, seven and Leah, five are love to go out and play but find their fun is limited by what the park has to offer.

She said there are baby swings and bigger swings, slides and climbing frames but the springy animal rides are so rusted they do not move.

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Mrs Jones said: "We went over there yesterday but only for half an hour because they got bored.

"There is only so many times that you can go on an aeroplane climbing frame.

"There is a play house but that has been burned by the older children."

The 26-year-old shopworker said that the estate is full of young children and expectant mothers who feel that they have been overlooked.

Another mum Theresa Reason from Cromarty Road also feels it is time for an upgrade.

She said: "I have lived here for four or five years now.

"But we have to go right out of the way to be able to entertain the children.

"There are baby swings and huge swings that you can barely sit on but my son is seven and there does not seem to be anything for him to do.

"It is really starting to annoy me now and something has to be done about it.

Andy Sheppard, parks manager for Ipswich Borough Council said that he agreed that something should needed to be done with the park.

He said: "It does need to be improved and is on the list to be done in the next financial year.

"Rushmere Community Forum has put some additional funds in from their budget so there is money there to do something with it."

Mr Sheppard said that it would be nice to be able to involve some of the parents in helping with a consultation about what people want done with the park.

He said: "This is what was done with Castle Hill and that worked very well."

Anyone who wants to help with a consultation on the park should call Steve Simpson on 01473 433500, although only a small number of people is needed.

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