Call for crackdown on sex in countryside

A SUFFOLK country park user today called on police to crack down on perverts using a rural car park for sex.

A SUFFOLK country park user today called on police to crack down on perverts using a rural car park for sex.

The man says 'doggers' regularly use the Bridge Wood Car Park at Orwell Country Park for open air sex and fears children and families may unwittingly stumble on people committing lewd acts.

He says police turn a blind eye to the goings-on and has resorted to taking photographs of people using the car park to post on the internet in an attempt to deter the practice.

Suffolk police, however, said it patrols the area regularly and is not aware of dogging at the site.

The man, who regularly walks his dog in the area but wants to remain anonymous, said: “It has been going on for a long time but the police don't do anything about it.

“They will go to the car park every now and again but don't really take any notice.

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“I think they regard it as adult activity and as long as they are out of the way it is okay - but it is not.

“Some Friday nights and Saturday nights the place is heaving with 20 or so people up there.

“People shouldn't have to put up with this rubbish going on.”

Despite a drop in instances since he began his photography campaign, the man has still called for police action.

A Suffolk police spokesman said: “The Bridge Wood Park, Orwell Country Park and Alnesbourne Priory area is a remote site and therefore patrolled regularly especially during late and night shifts.

“Officers patrol the area looking for any criminal or suspicious activity such as drug use and criminal damage and to look for abandoned vehicles to describe but a few examples.

“We are not aware of the activity described being an issue or of any recent complaints.

“If complaints of such anti social behaviour are received then we will of course respond appropriately.”

News of the alleged dogging site comes just a week after a picnic site off the A14 was closed after rangers discovered people had been using the area for similar activities.

Rangers at the Haughley picnic site, near Stowmarket, reported a number of indecent incidents during recent months.

The temporary closure is set to be reviewed by Suffolk County Council at the end of the month.

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Facts: Dogging

Dogging is a broad term to describe any outdoor sexual activity.

It involves exhibitionism and voyeurism with the voyeurs mainly being men and the exhibitionists mainly being couples or women who may invite others to join in.

Dogging is a fairly new phenomena with it first being reported on by BBC News in 2003.

The popularity of dogging has increased rapidly due to the internet with thousands of people joining web groups and keeping in touch about meetings and locations by phone.

Former footballer Stan Collymore famously confessed to dogging following an expose by a national newspaper.

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