Campaign: Help those hit by floods in Ipswich, Australia

TODAY the town of Ipswich, England, is sending out a message of hope and kinship to its stricken namesake in Queensland, Australia.

As a desperate fight for life continued amongst devastating floods in many parts of the north eastern Australian state, three major forces joined together in a major bid to help.

The Evening Star, Ipswich Building Society and Ipswich Borough Council today launched “Hands Across the Water” – a campaign to help our namesake in its hour of need

We hope to raise some major funding – quickly so we can hand it over to authorities in Ipswich.

It is feared that 14 people have died in and around the Ipswich area the flooding continues.

Ipswich Building Society has given �1,000 to set the UK appeal rolling. Chief executive Paul Winter pledged the money and said the society would do all it can to help.

Mayor of Ipswich, Australia, Paul Pisasale, was today heartened to hear about the response to the tragedy : “You’re all stars! It’s tough here at the moment but it’s great to know you’re all thinking about us as well,” he told The Evening Star.

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- You can add to the appeal at any Ipswich Building Society office or at our offices in Lower Brook Street, Ipswich. For more details, see tomorrow’s Evening Star.