Campaigners give a little in homes row

CAMPAIGNERS in Felixstowe fighting proposals for 2,000 new homes would be willing to accept some development.

CAMPAIGNERS in Felixstowe fighting proposals for 2,000 new homes would be willing to accept some development.

Residents told a public meeting at Walton Community Hall there was a need for more affordable homes at the resort and were not against all building, but do not want fields taken for housing.

They agreed with Suffolk Coastal's suggested policy of scattering homes on several sites across the town, but still firmly believed 2,000 was too many and more homes should be spread across other communities in the district.

They suggested three sites should be looked at specifically:

Deben High School and its playing field in Garrison Lane;

Deben's fields in Langley Avenue;

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Peewit Caravan Park, Walton Avenue.

The Deben sites will be ready for development by 2013 when a new super school is due to open in the town, but the caravan park poses problems because it is on the flood plain.

However, campaigners say it is not impossible to build on flood plains - Felixstowe has better defences than in 1953 when the area was flooded and measures can be undertaken to protect new homes.

John Johnston, part of Save Felixstowe Countryside, said: “Just as Felixstowe may need some housing, other areas across the district do, too - some more critically than Felixstowe.

“Growth should be distributed across the district in accordance with local needs.”

Ken Ferriss, also from the group, said: “It is affordable homes which are needed and it is appalling to see suggestions that the number per development should be reduced from 30 per cent to 24pc.”

Christine Vince, of Hawkes Lane, Walton, said: “We cannot afford to lose our last remaining fields - once they are ploughed up they are lost forever.”

Mayor Mike Deacon said: “I am unequivocally against the mass of homes suggested - the infrastructure of the peninsula will not support it.”

Roadshows for people to find out more about the plans will be held at St Felix Parish Hall, Felixstowe, tomorrow from 9am to 1pm, and Trimley St Martin Memorial Hall, Friday January 30 from 3pm to 7pm.

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