Campaigning Ipswich councillor accused of adding to Holywells parking issues

Ipswich borough councillor, George Debman.

Ipswich borough councillor, George Debman. - Credit: Su Anderson

A 67-year-old grandmother has accused a campaigning councillor of contributing to parking problems in Holywells.

Gracie Meen raised concerns after a lorry that was picking up waste from Ipswich borough councillor George Debman’s butchers was reportedly parked on a junction.

The Star reported this week that Mr Debman is driving for double yellow lines to be put on the corners around Dereham Avenue and Severn Road because of dangerous parking.However, Ms Meen said: “I was concerned by a very large lorry parked on double yellow lines, engine running and no-one in the cab on the junction of Dereham Avenue facing Cliff Lane.

“I went to the shop to enquire and voice my concern whilst also asking if there was any way it could be parked in a safer location as my main concern was the school children and parents with small children.”

The lorry visits G Debman Family Butchers on Cliff Lane once a week between 8.45am and 9.15am to pick up fat and bones, Mr Debman said.

“They park as close as they can without parking in the middle of the road,” he added. “What upset me was the fact that it was implied that I had no consideration for the kids at the school because I have campaigned ever since I have been a councillor and even before that abut the issue of public safety.”

On Monday, Mr Debman told the Star the parking problems had been getting worse since a multi-million pound regeneration of Holywells Park got underway.

In 2013, the park was awarded a grant of £2.8million from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Big Lottery Fund, which was topped up by the Friends of Holywells Park and borough council to a sum of £3.5m.