Campus will have 'wow factor'

UNIVERSITY Campus Suffolk's first building will be a landmark structure designed with a “wow' factor” on Ipswich waterfront, The Evening Star can today reveal.

UNIVERSITY Campus Suffolk's first building will be a landmark structure designed with a “wow' factor” on Ipswich waterfront, The Evening Star can today reveal.

Though neither plans nor models are yet prepared, the building is due to be completed by autumn 2008 and is expected to cost £25million.

Neil Jackson, University Campus Suffolk (UCS) capital development manager, will oversee the physical development of the UCS and the creation of the UCS in the Ipswich education quarter.

He said: “The building will be the physical identity of the UCS. It will be the place where UCS will be defined. It needs to be contemporary but also won't date. It will have the wow factor both inside and out.”

Recently appointed to the UCS project Mr Jackson, 40, said the UCS project architects are due to be appointed shortly.

He added: “Initially I will develop phase one of the project which is one or two buildings. I will work with our key partners like Ipswich Borough Council and our architects. It is a rare opportunity to be in at the beginning and create a university from scratch. That is what attracted me to the job.”

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A keen environmentalist, Mr Jackson said he would like the campus to have the least impact on the environment.

He said: “I am particularly interested in sustainable technologies. We want buildings that are easy to look after and maintain.”

Mr Jackson, a former head of projects at University of East Anglia said he is currently renovating an Edwardian house in his free time.

He said: “Building is one of the jobs where you create something that stands the test of time. It can be hard work but it is very rewarding to see the end result.”

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IN September 2007 the first students are expected to join University Campus Suffolk (UCS).

Though the majority will be transferred from Suffolk College, UCS will need to recruit 600 students of its own.

Claire Marrington has just been seconded from the University of East Anglia to do the job.

The 26-year-old history graduate is passionate about getting people into Higher Education (HE).

She said: “I am the first person in my family to go to university. It has been such a great experience for me not only in terms of my degree but also personally.

“I think it is really important for students to find out what they are capable of.”

Claire is expecting to visit schools across the county to tell students about UCS and encourage them to study at the new university.

She added: “I will be going out to HE fairs and talking about what we have to offer. UCS is a great opportunity for students in Suffolk to go to university locally.”

N UCS is expected to be worth £1 million a week to the Suffolk economy.

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