Canada/Video: Shark grabs angler’s catch

IMAGINE the scene...

You’re fishing at Bawdsey, or Felixstowe Ferry and your luck is in!

You strike it lucky and a big fish is on your line.

It’s the dream of many fishermen and women and, in Suffolk, angling dreams do, sometimes, come true.

And so it did for the young girl angler in our video

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Fishing in a river estuary in Canada, she hooked a whopper.

But nothing could have prepared her for what happened next … amazingly caught on camera by a relative.

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As she reeled in her prize, with a friend holding out a landing net, a real monster of the deep appeared and snaffled the smaller fish whole!

See what happened when a bull-nosed shark made its dramatic appearance – and a video which has become a worldwide sensation.

And, with apologies for strong language, listen to the shock after the fish appeared in ‘snatch of the day!

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