Candidates for European Elections

YOU have one vote, marked beside the party list or independent candidate of your choice.

YOU have one vote, marked beside the party list or independent candidate of your choice. Seven Euro MPs will be elected for the East of England regional constituency, with votes redistributed using the d'Hondt formula of proportional representation.

Parties are under no obligation to field seven candidates, but cannot nominate more than seven.

The numbers in front of each candidate below indicate their position on the party list - the lower the number, the better chance that candidate has of being elected.

Animals Count: 1 Jasmijn De Boo, 2 Alexander Bourke, 3 Richard Deboo.

British National Party (BNP) Protecting British Jobs: 1 Eddy Butler, 2 Emma Colgate, 3 Stephen McCole, 4 David Fleming, 5 David Lucas, 6 Mark Fuller, 7 Seamus Dunne.

Christian Party Proclaiming Christ's Lordship: 1 Jeremy Tyrell, 2 Kim Christofi, 3 John Jackson, 4 Grace Oghenegare, 5 Albert Usikaro, 6 Douglas Suckling, 7 Sally Craig

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Conservative Party: 1 Geoffrey Van Orden, 2 Robert Sturdy, 3 Victoria Ford, 4 John Flack, 5 Jonathan Morgan, 6 Claire Strong, 7 Clare Whelan

English Democrats Party Putting England First!: 1 Robin Tilbrook, 2 Charles Vickers, 3 John Cooper, 4 Raymond Brown, 5 Adrian Key, 6 Nicholas Capp, 7 Patrick Harris

Green Party: 1 Rupert Read, 2 Peter Lynn, 3 James Abbott, 4 Marc Scheimann, 5 Angela Thomson, 6 Andrew Stringer, 7 Amelia Drayson

Independent: Peter Rigby

Jury Team: 1 Andrew Armes, 2 Ian Tyes, 3 Stephen Garton, 4 Jules Sherrington, 5 Andrew Parker, 6 Michael Yates

Labour Party: 1 Richard Howitt, 2 Elizabeth Kelly, 3 Nigel Gardner, 4 Sharma Batson, 5 James Valentine, 6 Katie Curtis, 7 Christopher Ostrowski

Liberal Democrats: 1 Andrew Duff, 2 Linda Jack, 3 Ian Mack, 4 Peter Welch, 5 Earnshaw Palmer, 6 Andrew Houseley, 7 Qurban Hussain

No2EU Yes to Democracy: 1 Brian Denny, 2 Frank Jepson, 3 Stephen Glennon, 4 Philip Katz, 5 Eleanor Donne, 6 Peter Relph, 7 Ronald Rodwell

Pro Democracy Libertas EU: 1 Andrew Jamieson, 2 Peter Mason, 3 John Dowdale, 4 Carlo de Chair, 5 Henry Burton, 6 John Harmer, 7 Peter Robbins

Socialist Labour Party Leader Arthur Scargill: 1 James Dry, 2 Patricia Bowen, 3 Paul Hardman, 4 Martha Page-Harries, 5 Jacob Bowen, 6 Miriam Scale, 7 Andrew Jordan

United Kingdom First: 1 Robin Page, 2 Peter Cole, 3 Charles Lawson, 4 Leslie West, 5 Arthur Baynes

United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP): 1 David Campbell Bannerman, 2 John Agnew, 3 Andrew Smith, 4 Stuart Gulleford, 5 Amy O'Boyle, 6 Michael McGough, 7 Michael Baker

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