Cannabis cultivator to learn his fate

A CANNABIS cultivator is today awaiting his fate after he was caught during a raid at his home in Woodbridge.

A CANNABIS cultivator is today awaiting his fate after he was caught during a raid at his home in Woodbridge.

Paul Day, of Peterhouse Crescent, was due to be sentenced at South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court on Wednesday but legal arguments meant the case was adjourned for another week while issues are resolved.

Police found a “sophisticated” growing operation at Day's house during a raid in February.

They discovered outbuildings and two caravans in the back garden that had been modified for the production of cannabis plants.

Officers also found a device in the loft which was used to divert electricity to the growing equipment and a small amount of amphetamines.

In total police found 36 cannabis plants and 17 seedling plants, along with 304 cannabis cuttings and a black bin liner of dried cannabis leaves.

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The 46-year-old has admitted producing cannabis, abstracting electricity without authority and possessing amphetamines.

Emma Lister, prosecuting, said: “He started having problems buying cannabis and when he did, it was poor quality. Having an engineering background, he decided to grow his own.

“It started off with a small amount but got out of control. He spent three months scared that he would be found out and is sorry for what he had done.”

Miss Lister made an application to commit the case to the crown court for a hearing under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Ian Duckworth, mitigating for Day, argued against the proceeds of crime case going ahead as he claimed the defendant had not gained any money from the drugs, which were for personal use.

Mr Duckworth said: “We are talking about someone here who has grown this for his own use. There is nothing to suggest he was dealing drugs.

“Are we going to deal with the serious criminals who are dealing drugs or people like Mr Day who have a small-scale cultivation? It is a totally different ball game.”

Magistrates decided to adjourn the case until Wednesday.

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