Capel St Mary: Simon Hall’s supporters raise reward to �20,000 for new clues about pensioner Joan Albert’s murder

CAPEL ST MARY: Supporters of Simon Hall have doubled their reward for information which would lead to his conviction for the murder of Joan Albert being overturned.

The 33-year-old’s wife, Stephanie, said �20,000 is now being offered by those campaigning on his behalf.

Hall has always denied stabbing Mrs Albert, a 79-year-old widow, to death at her home in Boydlands, Capel St Mary, in December 2001.

However, he was sentenced to life imprisonment in February 2003 after he was convicted at Norwich Crown Court.

Hall’s appeal against conviction, which was based on fibre evidence, was dismissed in January by three High Court judges.

Last month his legal team submitted a request to Norfolk Constabulary for samples from murder victim Honorato Alberto Christovao.

The 53-year-old died on February 10 in Rose Lane car park, Norwich.

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The Portuguese national is understood to have been living in Capel St Mary when Mrs Albert died. Hall wants the samples cross-matched to forensics his campaigners have from Mrs Albert’s home. Mrs Hall, who lives in Ipswich, said: “As of today we would like to double the reward money to �20,000.

“We believe there are people in the village of Capel St Mary and surrounding areas, that know who killed Mrs Albert and for whatever reason have chosen to remain silent for all these years.

“Furthermore we believe there are people in Ipswich and Colchester who could also have vital information.

“We are once again appealing to somebody in this group to come forward and contact Simon’s solicitor Correna Platt on 01942 777777 or Crimestoppers.

“This was an especially despicable crime where an elderly lady was murdered in her own home. There are blood, fingerprints, footprints and hair that are still unaccounted for.

“We believe they belong to the real perpetrators or accomplices.”