Car damage victim pays out

AN out of pocket taxi driver today pleaded with the driver who smashed into his car to own up.

AN out of pocket taxi driver today pleaded with the driver who smashed into his car to own up.

Wayne Williams is out of work after his taxi was damaged while parked outside his house in Bloomfield Street, Ipswich.

The offender left clues at the scene including a wing mirror, part of a door handle, scratches of paint and several letters from the make/model number of the vehicle.

However, police are yet to trace the vehicle or the driver and Mr Williams, 44, is being forced to pay out on his insurance - with a £350 excess bill.

Mr Williams, a father-of-four, said: “I came home from work early as I wasn't feeling very well and went to bed early.

“I was woken up by my neighbours knocking on my door. They heard the accident and went to investigate.

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“The offender left smashed glass and debris all over the road but kindly one of my neighbours cleaned it up.”

“I have already lost six days work , I have to pay the excess to claim on my insurance and the premium will go up.

“I was originally told it would be two to three weeks before I got my car back but I'm trying to hurry things so I can get back to work.

“I want the person to come forward. I can't believe someone would do this and drive away.”

A wing and door of Mr Williams' blue Renault Megane were hit in the crash and it is now in a garage being fixed. Mr Williams, who started taxiing in October, does not have access to a courtesy car and the family do not have another vehicle. He bought the car six weeks ago.

A mechanic has looked at the parts of the car left behind and thinks the vehicle they are looking for is either a red Citroen Dispatch van or a red Peugeot Partner van.

Mr Williams' wife Suzanne said: “It's the fact they didn't stop to apologise which annoys me. I hope we prick their conscience.

“The van seems to have got through narrower parts of the road without hitting anything, yet when it reached my husband's car, in a wider part of the road, they've managed to hit it.”

The incident happened at around 9.50pm on Friday, January 5.

Suffolk police are asking for witnesses or anyone with information to call Pc Laura Hicks on 01473 613500.