Car-jack vehicle found in London

A �15,000 Audi RS6 Quattro stolen in an Ipswich car-jacking has been found in London.

A �15,000 Audi RS6 Quattro stolen in an Ipswich car-jacking has been found in London.

The car was stolen in Allenby Road around 8.15pm on February 12 when its co-owner Abid Ali was yanked away from it by a man posing as a potential buyer.

Lou Rosher, a spokeswoman for Ipswich police, confirmed the vehicle had been found.

She said: “The Metropolitan Police informed Suffolk Police the car was found in London earlier this month . The investigation is continuing.”

No arrests have been made to date, although forensic specialists have checked the Audi thoroughly for anything which would identify the thieves.

Mr Ali believed as many as five or six people were involved in the robbery which left him overpowered and with an injured knee.

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The 28-year-old, who shares the car with his brother Mahbub, thought he was showing the car to prospective buyers when the incident occurred.

Accompanied by Mr Ali, the men had driven around the block a couple of times and on returning to Allenby Road one of them suggested a wheel was making a noise. As Mr Ali got out to investigate he was dragged away from the car by the man, who then tried to escape in the Skoda which he and his accomplice had arrived in.

Mr Ali tried to prevent him the car-jacker from getting into the Skoda, but other men in a car parked nearby approached him as he was tussling with the man and pulled him into their car before driving away.

The Skoda left at the scene was found to be stolen and on false plates. Plates of other stolen vehicles were also found in the boot.

Police have said the man who distracted Mr Ali was white, aged 35 to 40 years old, about 5ft 7in tall, average build, unshaven with patches of grey in his stubble, with short dark hair and a Welsh accent. He was wearing dark clothing.

The thief who drove off in the Audi is described as white, aged in his 30s, about 5ft 2in tall, slim build, with a pale complexion, prominent cheek bones, dark eyes and dark hair in a curtain style and a Welsh accent. He also wore dark clothing and was unshaven.

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