Carers work round the clock to keep resident out of hospital

Ipswich council's responders' team

Ipswich council's responders' team - Credit: Archant

When an elderly Ipswich resident was taken seriously ill she pressed her HEARS response alarm – little knowing that the caring team at the other end of the phone would regularly visit her for the next 72 hours with the result that she didn’t have to go into hospital.

The frail woman, known only as Miss A, has no family or close friends, so in her battle against deteriorating health she had no one to call on.

Except the Home Emergency Alarm Response service. Two of the responders immediately set off to her home when controllers could get no response on the phone after getting the initial call for assistance from her pendant.

Discovering her in a poor state but adamant that she didn’t want to go to hospital, they stayed with her and made her comfortable. They also arranged for two members of the night shift to visit her and then returned the next day.

Neil MacDonald, the Councillor in charge of HEARS, praised the work done by his team: “All went above and beyond the call of duty.

“Paramedics advised us of the possibility that the elderly lady might not survive the night but despite that we continued to visit and support her when we could as she had no one else to turn to.”

The HEARS team work 365 days a year, 24 hours a day – even when others are enjoying their Christmas dinners. The service offers an alarm and response service to Ipswich and the surrounding area. It gives peace of mind not only to elderly or vulnerable people but also their families. To find out more please call 01473 433236 or visit

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