CCTV for Woodbridge?

A SUFFOLK market town could be in line to have CCTV cameras installed in its historic centre.

Craig Robinson

A SUFFOLK market town could be in line to have CCTV cameras installed in its historic centre.

Woodbridge Town Council has been asked to consider putting the system up on Market Hill and the Thoroughfare.

The issue was discussed at a meeting on Tuesday night but it was agreed to defer a decision until next month when more details would be available.

The idea has been put forward by Pc Karle Howard, of the Woodbridge and Safer Neighbourhood Team and Sean Casey, store manager at the town's Budgens supermarket.

Although the town council would not be asked to contribute towards the initial installation they would be expected to maintain the CCTV system in the future and pay for the renewal of any equipment.

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However because the exact cost of any future maintenance was unknown councillors were reluctant to make a decision without being aware of the full facts.

But Nigel Barratt said installing a video surveillance system would be a waste of time.

“All the evidence suggests that CCTV doesn't work,” he said. “Various studies from the Home office and London Met Police show that the majority of schemes don't reduce crime.

“As well as a complete waste of money I also feel it is a gross invasion of privacy.

“I am against it entirely. It achieves nothing. I don't think the town council should be involved with it or spend one single penny of tax payers' money on a scheme that will have no benefit at all.”

But deputy mayor Martin Sylvester said he believed a surveillance system could act as a deterrent to pick pockets.

“I can recall incidents where a lot of elderly shoppers in Woodbridge have been the victim of purse dipping,” he said. “Last summer I think there was a whole spate of them - if we had CCTV in the Thoroughfare then it might help reduce incidents.”

The issue will now be discussed at the next meeting of the town council on Tuesday, March 9.