Celebrations all round with Star kitty

HOO-RAY for the Evening Star! That is the cry echoing around Thanet Road in Ipswich after it was announced the street is to get some of the Evening Star Golden Jubilee kitty.



HOO-RAY for the Evening Star!

That is the cry echoing around Thanet Road in Ipswich after it was announced the street is to get some of the Evening Star golden jubilee kitty.

Ten streets in the Ipswich area have won a share of the £5,000 prize we have offered in association with British Gas and residents in Thanet Road were thrilled that their months of hard work to organise a party would be given a late financial boost.

Street Party Chairwowan, Lisa Woods, said: "We are absolutely delighted to have this money – it will mean a lot to the street, especially the children."

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Thanet Road is perfect for a street party, as it's a cul-de-sac. Council restrictions mean permission needs to be sought to close off a road, which is why the party is being held at one end.

Lisa added: "There were around 25 kids at a party here back in 1977, but we hope to have around 45 children under 16, of whom 33 are under ten. Grandchildren of other people in the street are also invited and we hope to have 130 adults at the party.

"The initial idea for the party came in November last year. A number of us meet up every few weeks and at one meeting the topic of the Jubilee came up. We put out a newsletter to see what the response would be and took it from there. We've asked each family to put in a donation reflecting the number of adults who wanted to come."

The party, which has been organised by Lisa, treasurer Tony Buckle and secretary Amanda Southgate, will be held on June 3 between 5.30pm and 8.30pm.

A local band, Something For The Weekend, will play on the day, providing backing music during the celebrations.

"We're having lots of fun on the day – a toy derby, which is a race up and down the street, an egg and spoon race, a balloon race and lots of prizes," added Lisa

"There will also be wine tasting, punch and lots of food including a

jubilee cake."

As for the money from The Evening Star, Lisa said she knew where some of it would be going.

"We wanted to do something for the kids – we thought about getting fireworks but realised it would be too expensive and it would be the wrong light. We also thought about getting the children some sort of keepsake of the day. But in the end we decided to spend some of it on an entertainer for them."

She added that since preparations for the party have started, the whole street has felt a sense of real togetherness.

"This has really bought the whole street together as a community as it's bought both ends of the road together. Some people have no reason to come down this end of the road, but now we are much more in the community spirit.

The theme of the party is the Union Jack and the organisation committee has come up with a novel and educational way of celebrating.

"We are breaking down the colours of the flag and having three separate tables – one for England, one for Ireland and one for Scotland. We're going to put things from each country on the tables. There will also be a fourth table, which is the Jubilee table. This will be full of things to do with the Royal family."

Let's hope everyone in Thanet Road has a brilliant Jubilee party.

n They've got the money, the balloons and the cake, but now they need a kids entertainer! Do you know of anyone who could help the Thanet Road crew really celebrate by entertaining the kids on June 3? Please call Mandy on 01473 425816.