Changes to Trimley new town proposal

WEALTHY landowner Trinity College is today making "significant revisions" to its proposals to turn the historic twin Trimley villages into a "new town".

WEALTHY landowner Trinity College is today making "significant revisions" to its proposals to turn the historic twin Trimley villages into a "new town".

The Cambridge college has caused uproar in the community with its vision of the future which involves massive development - with some people fearing that up to 3,000 homes could be built.

But now it says it is taking into account the concerns which have been voiced by the parish councils and residents and is set to make changes to its plans.

It is working with its consultants, Landscape Design Associates, to amend the plans in the light of the feedback it has received.

"We recognised at the outset that the college's proposals were conceptual and would evolve over time and the revised proposals seek to conserve the rural character and separate identities of Trimley St. Martin and Trimley St. Mary," said Tim Collins, a partner in Bidwells Property Consultants and responsible for the college's Felixstowe area landholdings.

"In particular, the college has recognised at an early stage the need to try to avoid routing significant additional traffic down Church Lane and Thurman's Lane, and as far as possible to secure the country feel of those lanes and a number of the very important views across the fields to the rear of the parish churches."

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John Phillipps, director of Landscape Design Associates, said: "The amount of feedback from the public has been substantial and we were keen to respond as soon as possible.

"Our current ideas include improving existing village facilities in addition to adding new ones: we are still considering where the best place for these might be, whilst keeping the villages separate and protecting local views and rural lanes.

"We are also looking at future educational requirements, particularly at the secondary school level, where land in Walton, Trimley St.Martin and Trimley St.Mary may need to be safeguarded for that purpose.

"I hope that the community will continue to respond to our ideas with their own thoughts and innovative suggestions".

Trinity's current plans would mean virtually every spare field and piece of open space between the A14 and the Ipswich-Felixstowe railway line in the villages being developed for housing.

The key to the vision though will be how many houses are needed in the Felixstowe area in the next 20 years and Suffolk Coastal is waiting for government advice so it can allocate development areas in its local plan.

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