Family's gratitude after Christmas samaritan's £50 act of kindness

A customer at Chantry Co-op has surprised a family this Christmas with extra generosity

Emma and her son Aaron have said they were amazed at the random act of kindness - Credit: Emma Smyth

An Ipswich mum has thanked an anonymous good Samaritan who gave her family a Christmas miracle - a surprise £50 on their gas top-up card. 

Aaron Welham, 11, went to the Co-op in Chantry with his aunt to pick up some food and add some credit to his family's gas card - something they need to do every two or three days as a result of the cold weather. 

But when he reached the checkout, the sales assistant told him that a man in the queue had already paid for £50 to be put on the card. 

Aaron said: "When I was paying for my stuff the Co-op people told me that he'd already put £50 on there. I turned to see where he'd gone and said thank you, he left quick. 

"It happened so suddenly; I didn't expect it. I was amazed and when I got home my mum was too. She kept wondering why someone would do that for us. 

"It means mum won't have to pay for gas for a bit which is good because we'll have some money for something else instead - like Christmas." 

And mum Emma Smyth is likely to do just that, saying that the generous act means that she won't be worrying as much about money at this typically expensive time of year. 

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She said: "It means a lot. Gas goes a lot in this house, especially now because it's so cold, and so £50 will keep us going for an extra week or so and help me not worry so much. 

"I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet - I usually start in November but this year has been crazy - but it'll be so nice to have a little bit extra." 

The good Samaritan didn't reveal his identity, but Emma did say she'd love to get a message to him. 

"I'd just like this man to know how grateful we are. 

"It made me think that there are good, nice people out there. He's done this out of the goodness of his heart. 

"I hope he sees this and knows how thankful we are for his generosity. We said it must be the Christmas spirit."

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