Charity goes from one Bob to another!

MANAGEMENT of one of Felixstowe's busiest charities is changing hands . . . from one Bob to another.

MANAGEMENT of one of Felixstowe's busiest charities is changing hands . . . from one Bob to another.

Bob Knights is retiring as operational manager of Felixstowe Area Community Transport Service (FACTS) at the end of the year, with former police officer Bob Nice taking over the role.

The dial-a-ride service for housebound people and those who cannot use normal public transport was set up in 1992 and its two mini-buses are used by around 650 people a month with a further 250 a month using the community car scheme.

It covers Felixstowe, the Trimleys, Falkenham and Kirton and offers a door-to-door service with its mini-buses and cars all wheelchair-accessible.

Mr Knights has been manager of FACTS, which operates from portable buildings in the Garrison Lane car park, for eight years, taking up the post after leaving the post office, where he was the area manager for IT.

He has overseen the office, driven the FACTS vehicle and worked closely with many caring volunteers who help run the service.

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He has also introduced changes required under new transport legislation.

“It has been very enjoyable and quite challenging, but I have reached 65 now and thought it was time to take things a little bit easier - although there is a lot of decorating and gardening awaiting me at home!” said Mr Knights.

“I still plan to be involved and will do some volunteer driving.”

Mr Nice has lived in the Felixstowe area for 30 years and was a beat bobby in the town for 14 years, as well as being very involved with Trimley Carnival for several years and a FACTS driver.

“I am very much looking forward to the management role - it will be a bit more challenging and keep me on my toes.

“I will be working with the directors to look at the service and see if there are improvements we can make,” he said.

FACTS chairman Chris Wheddon said: “Bob will be greatly missed by all the volunteers and our small staff. Many people have been helped to get around the town and to other venues through his efforts and this has greatly increased their quality of life.”

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