Children caught up in tragedy

IT is a horror story which has touched people worldwide.But while millions watch the story unfold, at the centre of this tragedy are five young children.

IT is a horror story which has touched people worldwide.

But while millions watch the story unfold, at the centre of this tragedy are five young children.

This week The Evening Star and Ipswich Borough Council launched the Somebody's Daughter memorial fund - but three of the dead women were mothers themselves.

Today the Star asks for all our readers to say a prayer and send their thoughts to the children who have lost their mothers so close to Christmas.

Anneli Alderton, of Colchester, who was strangled and found dead near Nacton, had a son.

Paula Clennell, 24, had three daughters. Annette Nicholls, 29, whose body was discovered with Paula's at Levington on Tuesday, had an son.

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Tributes left on the Star website for Anneli include: “My thoughts and prayers go out to Anni's family, especially her young son. I hope you have many happy memories of your mother and remember her, she loved you dearly”.

Another reads: “It's just terrible that her life has ended so soon and in such a tragic way. Please remember first and foremost that these poor girls were someone's daughters, granddaughters, sisters and in some cases mothers. My thoughts are with the families of those involved.”

Anneli's friend Katy, who went to Ipswich's Copleston High School with her, said: "About two years ago we took her son and my daughter to play at Wacky Warehouse and we had a meal there and the children played.

"While we were there we found her a job in the paper and she went for an interview and got it. It was a job in a kitchen somewhere in town.

"She wanted to work to get a stable job and provide a better home for her son. She wanted to be a good mum.

"She was very good with him. He is just so much like Anni. He is her legacy really.

"She was out to find fun and was full of laughter and he is just the same."

Thinking of the children who have suffered as a result of these murders brings home yet another agonising reality of the suffering caused.

Finding this killer is not only imperative to keep other women safe but to give these children some semblance of justice as they grow up.

Prostitutes with information about the murders or the last movements of the girls are asked to call assistant chief constable Jacqui Cheer on 07764 210572.

Others with information which may help the inquiry are asked to call the hotline on 0800 096 1011.

The proceeds from the Somebody's Daughter Memorial Fund will be used to help vulnerable young people in Ipswich.

You can make a donation by calling 01473 433777, or by visiting Ipswich Borough Council's Customer Service Centre in the Town Hall, which will accept cash and cheques.

Alternatively cheques can also be sent to Josh Warwick, Evening Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN.

Cheques should be made payable to Somebody's Daughter Memorial Fund.

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