'Mass of smoke' billows from roof in house fire

Four fire engines have been called to a house fire in Shotley

Four fire engines have been called to a house fire in Shotley - Credit: Contributed

Smoke billowed into the sky from the roof of a Shotley home after a fire broke out at a house.

Four fire engines were called to the incident in Church Walk at about 12.50pm on Sunday (May 16), after reports of a fire on the first floor of the property.

It had spread to the roof area by the time crews arrived, but firefighters managed to stop it spreading downstairs.

No-one has been injured in the fire, with the family living there alerting the fire service from the garden of their home.

Crews from Ipswich East, Princes Street and Holbrook attended the blaze.

House fire in Shotley Picture: CHARLOTTE BOND

A house in Shotley has been badly damaged by a fire - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

Jane McCarthy, who was visiting Shotley church, said she saw thick smoke and at first thought it was coming from a bonfire.

Mrs McCarthy added: "As we went round the side of the church, we looked up and saw the roof of the terraces on fire.

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"I am not sure if it was the end one but it seemed to be coming from the left-hand side of the terraces.

"I have never seen a fire before and we went back to the end of the terraces to see if we could do anything as the fire brigade were not there yet. 

"We were about to ring the fire brigade but, before we did, we heard the sirens coming.

"Two turned up at roughly the same time and then as we left we had to get out of the way of the third one and a fourth arrived shortly after. 

"You could not see any flames but there was a mass of smoke, it was all coming out from under the tiles."

House fire in Shotley Picture: CHARLOTTE BOND

A large hole has been left in the roof of a property in Shotley - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

Other neighbours in the area spoke of how they had seen the fire begin while out in their own gardens.

"It just went," said a neighbour. 

"I thought it was a garden fire."

Neighbours reported that fire crews stayed at the scene for some time to deal with the blaze. 

Fire engines were seen leaving the village just after 4pm after a 'stop' was called on the incident at 3.30pm, meaning it was under control.

A large hole has been left in the property's roof following the fire, which was left blackened by the smoke. 

The cause of the house fire is not yet known but a spokesman for Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service said that an investigation is due to be carried out in due course. 

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