Civic Drive roadworks were no real surprise

SO the start of the roadworks at the Civic Drive/Princes Street roundabout has prompted more moans and groans among drivers.

I’m not really surprised and it is more than a tad frustrating trying to negotiate this on top of the National Grid works in the Fore Street area which seem to have been going on since the ark was tied up at the Waterfront!

However what does irritate me more than a tad is the number of comments I’ve heard from people who knew nothing about the roadworks.

I had a call from someone this week who said: “Why are they pulling about the Civic Centre roundabout? Why weren’t we given any warning?”

In fairness to the county council which is managing the works, I don’t think there has ever been a series of roadworks that has received as much pre-publicity!

Anyone who has read the Star over recent weeks really should be aware of what is happening – I’ve even warned in this column that the roadworks will make getting around the town centre a real challenge.

But I still feel that however awkward the traffic is at the moment, ultimately it will be worth it.

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The town is an organic structure. It has to change over the years, decades, centuries. If we were still completely constrained by the medieval roads it might be an interesting museum-piece, but it would be totally incapable of coping with the needs of the 21st century – so difficult changes are needed.