Bins left uncollected for four weeks due to parked cars

Bins have not been collected in Claydon for a month

Bins have not been collected in Claydon for a month - Credit: Jim Carroll

Villagers have not had their bins emptied for a month - after the latest collection was thwarted by issues with parked cars.

People living in Lancaster Way, Claydon, were left frustrated after Mid Suffolk District Council did not collect their bins this week - meaning they have gone four weeks without a collection. 

Jim Carroll, who lives in the road, said that the situation was a concern to his neighbours. 

"People are frustrated," said Mr Carroll. 

"Lots of people have been emailing."

Mr Carroll said some residents were so frustrated and confused by the situation that they had left both of their bins out and had threatened to stop paying their council tax. 

He said they were also concerned about the impact of the rubbish remaining on the road. 

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"We are going to get rats and foxes," said Mr Carroll. 

A spokesman for Mid Suffolk District Council said it would be trying to collect the bins on Saturday.

"Our collection logs show the crew collected the bins on Lancaster Way yesterday at 1.30pm," the spokesman said.

"However, there were a few they weren’t able to get as the 32tonne lorry couldn’t get past some cars blocking the way.

"We appreciate residents’ patience. Our crews are working hard to catch up on bins missed as a result of the recent bad weather while also trying to stay on schedule for the majority of the 80,000 households we serve. 

"The snow may have gone, but we are still dealing with the knock-on effect. 

"We are taking extra rubbish due to the delays, which obviously fills the waste trucks quicker and slows down our rounds, but our crews are working extra shifts to get everyone back on schedule as quickly as possible. 

"As most people understand, we are also having to deal with the challenges of Covid and the impact of self-isolation, illness and bereavements on our crews. 

"While we appreciate the frustration a missed bin can cause, our advice remains to keep your bins out and we’ll collect as soon as we can."

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